Joe’s story shows us that there are key moments in life where the decisions we make can redirect a life’s journey entirely.

Joe's Story

Joe is a fictional character, however his life story personifies the values that our brewery’s culture stands for.

A culture that we wish to share with you.

1945: Near Bruges in Belgium

Young Joe and his father prepare the seasonal brew at their artisanal Brewhouse near Bruges. While carefully adding spices to their small batch beers, allied soldiers merrily enter their family brewery victorious in battle. Elated at the conclusion of WWII they drink beer, sing songs and tell tales of their journeys. One journey in particular catches Joe’s attention, the exploration of Africa and the natural riches in the land. 

It is that moment Joe decides he will spread his family brewing legacy into Africa. 

1955: Still Somewhere Near Bruges

Ten years go by since the Battle of Bruges and Joe gains a reputation as a successful brewer in his region. However, his yearning to visit Africa cannot be ignored any longer. He plans, he plots, and he maps his route.

After much anticipation he embarks on a journey towards Africa. He climbs aboard a cargo ship headed to the Cape of Good Hope.

With very little other than his secret family brewing recipes safe in his briefcase, and the clothes on his back he begins his journey.

Early 1960’s

After landing in Africa and navigating his way around opulent landmarks, provinces and countries, Joe settles in Franschhoek. A place where they speak French - a familiar language. Popularity follows familiarity as Joe finds comfort in his new home. The winelands are a happy place filled with heritage and ingenuity in fruit cultures where natural transformation follows fermentation. 

Despite familiarity, popularity and winelands innovation; Joe focuses his attention on raw nature and the diversity of the fynbos biome. His attention becomes all encapsulating as he begins to brew the natural fynbos offerings. Attention begets obsession and Joe becomes a recluse with only one goal in mind – brew the perfect Belgian beer using African inspired ingredients. 

Joe’s passion for nature leads him to spend many decades alone in nature or busy brewing in his cabin. Joe is forgotten.


Decades later, a young man finds himself disorientated in the woods after an evening’s walk.  As the darkness set in, a shimmer of light provides the him a chance of finding help. As he approaches the light he recognises the sweet smell of something brewing. 

Was this the long forgotten cabin of Joe? He had heard rumours about such a cabin, but surely these were just legends. Reluctant to approach the cabin, the youngster finally plucks up the courage to knock on the dusty old door. To his surprise, an old rugged man opened the door and invited the youngster in. It was too late to return to Franschhoek.

The old man shared his home-brewed beer with the youngster. This was the best beer the youngster had ever tasted! After a few beers and the sharing of stories of love and loss, passion and dreams it was time to retire for the night. 

The Next Day

The young man awoke from his slumber underneath an old willow tree with nothing but a handwritten note that had ‘head south’ written on it and a compass in his left hand. The young man felt both confusion and disappointment as he did not have the opportunity to thank the old man. 

This same man names his new brewery after the old recluse that saved him in the woods that fateful night.

Legend has it that Joe mysteriously visits the brewery at night adding his finishing touches to our traditional Belgian inspired beers.

While our brewery owner subsequently returns to the woods, he is never able to locate Joe’s cabin. 

The legend of Joe and his secret family recipes live on