TO WIN A world award in beer is one thing.

To have a full copper brewhouse that has won 4 is something else.

A brewhouse that has won 4 world beer awards is here in Franschhoek, South Africa.

Our abbey styled brewery is as traditional as it gets. We have sourced 1 of 3 ‘de Halve Maan’ brewhouses from Belgium and brought it all the way to Franschhoek.
As we focus on traditional brewing methods we have sourced a 75hl Belgium copper brewhouse that was built in 1961.
A brewhouse with a lot of history and mystery deserves an explanation as to how she landed up all the way in Franschhoek. We turned to world renowned beer author of Good Beer Guide Belgium, Tim Webb to help solve the mystery of our brewhouse.


History of Brewhouse:

Name: Rebekka. Named after our belgian brewing consultant’s (Bert van Hecke) wife - Rebekka van Hecke

‘Rebekka’ as our brewhouse is formally known as was built in 1961 in Schönthal, Eastern Bavaria where she served her early years as a brewhouse for Kloster Therese Erhardt. In 1983, ‘Rebecca’ made her way to Belgium where she was introduced to as the brewhouse for De Gouden Boom in Bruges where she served the brewery for many years.
By 1990 the Gouden Boom site had  been designated as a Brewery and Maltings Museum, though it was still actively brewing, at least occasionally. ‘Rebekka’, now only 1 of 3 half moon brewhouses left in Belgium was taken over by Palm Breweries in the 1990’s. Her last batch of beer was brewed in 2001.

Since 2001, ‘Rebekka’ has been on show at the Palm Breweries Museum. By the help of our Belgian consultant, Bert Van Hecke, we managed to convince Palm Breweries to sell the brewhouse to us (thanks Bert!) We are very grateful for the efforts that Bert went to source Rebekka.

On arrival to Franschoek, the brewhouse arrived disassembled in two massive wooden crates. It took 5 months to refurbish the brewery and it was done all by hand.
 If you’re in town come by for a beer made exclusively in our copper brewhouse. We look forward to seeing you.